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QUICK-COOL®  is our heat management department. In the city of Wuppertal, a team of engineers has been developing individual thermal management solutions for decades.

In the ever-evolving world of professional thermal management, QUICK-COOL ® technology plays a critical role in addressing the challenges of dealing with heat in various industrial applications. QUICK-COOL ® stands for pioneering solutions that are specifically developed to ensure optimal heat dissipation and cooling efficiency, be it in electronics, mechanical engineering, power generation or all other demanding industries.

The core idea behind QUICK-COOL ® is to combine and use high-performance technologies and intelligent solutions to quickly and efficiently transfer heat from hot sources to cooling surfaces, or to generate temperatures specifically on components. This helps reduce thermal stress, extend component life, and improve overall system performance.

Our heart beats for clever solutions for your heat management.

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General questions & sales:

Katja Hermes +49 (0) 202 - 40 43 22

Technical questions: 

Nils Katenbrink +49 (0) 202 - 40 43 49
Werner Jonigkeit +49 (0) 202 - 40 43 26

kontakt [at] quick-cool.de
info [at] quickcool-shop.de




QUIO®  is our RFID/NFC department. A competent team of engineers and specialists is responsible for this area of RFID/NFC and card technology. We only carry high-quality products for all areas of identification, loyalty, access control, payment, ticketing, time recording, logistics and individual systems.

The various competencies of our team enable us, for example, to successfully work on projects in the areas of e-charging station RFID payment, e-charging station NFC payment and e-charging station payment with an app. Combined with our many years of experience with RFID transponder coding, RFID card coding and NFC card coding, we are able to offer you expert advice and development, for example in the areas of RFID identification for e-charging stations, NFC identification for e-charging stations, RFID billing for e-charging systems, NFC payment for e-charging systems and RFID e-charging system payment with app via cell phone or smartphone.

The components required for RFID systems include RFID modules, RFID built-in modules, RFID desktop readers, RFID desktop readers with keypad, RFID wall readers, RFID Modbus RTU readers, RFID wall readers with keypad, metal RFID readers , RFID NFC reader, RFID standalone reader, RFID controller as reader and encoder for 13.56MHz RFID cards, 125KHz RFID cards and NFC cards.

RFID key fobs, RFID key fobs and RFID TAG are also on offer. As accessories for entire systems, the team also offers motor readers, motor encoders, card dispensers, card dispenser encoders as well as insert card readers, barcode readers and QR code scanners. Advice and development with the necessary specifications and manuals are available to provide support in order to realize the optimal solution for the customer's respective tasks.

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General & Technical Questions:

Nils Ritter +49 (0) 202 - 40 43 29
Lukas Rosenboom +49 (0) 202 - 40 43 32

kontakt [at] quio-rfid.de



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QUICK-CERAM® is a trading and consulting company specializing in niche products. With our hard materials department, we offer a wide variety of technical ceramic products for many industries.

Our range of water jet cutting nozzles (sapphire water jet cutting nozzles, ruby water cutting nozzles, diamond cutting nozzles) and cleaning nozzles (sapphire water jet cleaning nozzles) covers the most common applications in this area. Focusing nozzles are also part of our range.

We supply our water jet cutting nozzles and cleaning nozzles from Swiss and German production to OEMs as well as to intermediaries and end customers. We do not work with dubious sapphire, ruby and diamond inserts or manufactured nozzles from cheap Asian production and only rely on first-class inserts and precisely manufactured micro-turned parts.

All of our nozzles are 100% final checked and meet the highest standards.

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General Questions & Sales:
Agnès Verbole +49 (0) 202 - 40 43 51

Katja Hermes +49 (0) 202 - 40 43 22

info [at] saphirduesen.de
kontakt [at] quick-keramik-shop.de



QUICK-SPACER® is our department for spacer bolts, spacer rollers and insulating supports. With this department we offer you a wide variety of products for different industries.

Our range of spacer bolts, spacer rollers, insulators and insulating supports covers various applications in control cabinet construction and circuit board assembly. We offer you an extensive range of different materials and properties for your application.

Our products are certified according to common procedures and have all the approvals necessary for the respective application. We only work with certified manufacturers and guarantee the impeccable quality of our products.

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Allgemeine Fragen & Verkauf:
Gundula Hölscheid +49 (0) 202 - 40 43 24
Nicole Bötzer +49 (0) 202 - 40 43 41

info [at] isolierstuetzer.de
info [at] abstandsbolzen-distanzbolzen.de



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